Student Voting

The 1998 Higher Education Act (HEA) requires post-secondary institutions to make a good faith effort to distribute a mail voter registration form to each student enrolled in a degree or certificate seeking program on campus. Under HEA section 487(a)(23)(D) institutions may electronically distribute voter registration information and linked forms. Each student receives an e-mail exclusively devoted to providing this information.

Information addressing student specific registration options is accessible here. Students may register in the county where they attend school or in the county they consider their primary residence, such as a parent or legal guardian’s county.

Students who register or are registered in a county outside of where they attend school and live on campus may elect to complete an early voting ballot request application available at If this form is completed, an early voting ballot will be sent to the address where the student is physically planning to be at election time. Voters may click here to inquire if and where they are currently registered to vote.

In order to register on time, Texas voters may view their state’s registration deadlines online.

Visit for additional voter registration information.

Out of state students should consult their state official for registration and ballot-by-mail procedures.