Selection and Awards

Scholarship Selection

All scholarships at South Plains College are competitive. Any student may apply for consideration as long as he or she meets the requirements of the particular scholarship program and has made formal application.

All scholarship recipients at South Plains College are selected by faculty committees. College-wide scholarship awards and nontraditional student scholarships are selected by the SPC Scholarship Committee. The committee include faculty from various departments at the college.

Program specific scholarships and activity scholarships are selected by faculty committees within each department.

Scholarship Award Notification and Agreement

Applicants selected to receive a scholarship will be notified no later than June 1. Scholarship recipients will receive a scholarship agreement outlining the details and requirements of the award. Signed agreements must be returned to the South Plains College Scholarship Office by June 15. Failure to return the scholarship agreement by the required date will result in forfeiture of the scholarship award.

Disbursement of Scholarship Funds

Funds from the South Plains College Foundation are disbursed to the recipient's scholarship account. Direct expenses, such as tuition, fees, room and board, and books, may be charged to the student's account. The student is allowed to charge books and related course supplies in the SPC Bookstore not to exceed the scholarship amount less any direct expenses. If the student's account reflects a scholarship credit balance, scholarship money over and above direct expenses will be refunded after the third week of each regular semester. Checks will be issued in the student's name and mailed to the permanent address of record by the Business Office.

Reimbursement Policy for Withdrawals

Recipients of college-wide scholarships, program specific and nontraditional student scholarships who officially withdraw from the college and are eligible for full or partial refunds of tuition and fees are required to return a percentage of the scholarship award at the same percentage as the college's overall tuition and fee refund schedule policy. Recipients of third-party (private) scholarship will be required to pay refunds according to the donors' instructions. Activity scholarship recipients will be required to pay refunds according to the policies of the awarding department.