Departmental and Program Scholarships

Program specific scholarships are open to students who have selected a major field of study and who meet eligibility requirements. Applicants will be considered for all scholarships available in their major field of study. Scholarship amounts range from $100 to $500 per semester, depending on available funds.

To apply, students must submit a scholarship application by the March 1 deadline. Applicants must indicate their intended major area of study on the scholarship application in order to be considered for these scholarships. Some programs require applicants to submit ACT or SAT scores with the application as required for college-wide scholarships. Applications are screened by a departmental scholarship committee. All scholarship awards are subject to availability of funds.

A list of program specific scholarships follows. To access more information about these scholarship opportunities, visit the Scholarship Application and Award Portal.

Agriculture (Major Code - 0101)
   Christine DeVitt Memorial Agriculture Scholarship
   Jim R. and J.L. Jenkins Agriculture Scholarship
   Earl and June Gerstenberger Scholarship
   Billy Sheek Memorial Scholarship
   Kay Lincoln Scholarship
   Jesse Wood Memorial Scholarship
   James and Mary Carroll Family Scholarship
   Lonnie and Floriene Stern Scholarship
   G.F. "Buz" Poage Memorial Scholarship
   Capital Farm Credit Association Scholarship
   Joe Ed and Juanita Crawford Scholarship
   John P. Dickson Memorial Scholarship
   Wilbur-Ellis Agriculture Scholarship
   Jim and Ramona Davis Ag Products Scholarship
   Kelsi Cook Memorial Scholarship
   Don and Nancy Marble Scholarship

Art (Major Code - 1002)
   Requires portfolio of work. Contact Fine Arts Department
   Christine DeVitt Memorial Art Scholarship
   Don Stroud Memorial Scholarship

Associate Degree Nursing (Major Code - 8021)
   Helen DeVitt Jones Scholarship
   Patsy Lincoln Lewis ADN Scholarship
   SPC Nursing Scholarship
   Jeanie L. Henager Memorial Nursing Scholarship
   G. Harold and Leila Y. Mathers Scholarship
   Ophelia Quezada Murillo Memorial Scholarship
   Dr. Weerachai and Dr. Suvipa Wiri Nursing Scholarship
   Ray and Donna West Nursing Opportunity Scholarship
   Jason Wilson Thomas Memorial Scholarship
   Jewelene Weber Memorial Scholarship
   Gene and Geneva Parkinson Scholarship

Automotive Technology (Major Code - 6422)
   South Plains Chapter-API Scholarship
   Kurt Taylor Memorial Scholarship
   Automotive Service Association Lubbock Chapter Scholarship
   Lubbock New Car Dealers Association Scholarship

Biology (Major Code - 0401)
   Biology Founding Faculty Scholarship
   Rose Garden Club Scholarship
   Retha L. Lincoln Biology Scholarship
   Braulio, Hilda and Jose Cuesta Memorial Scholarship
   Hill Family Scholarship

Business Administration (Major Code - 0506)
   Burk Burnett Roberts Family Scholarship
   George Truett and Beula May Hatton Scholarship
   Charles B. and Jane A. Thompson Scholarship
   Jedidiah Poer Memorial Scholarship
   Homer, Ruth and Jason Johnson Memorial Scholarship
   Spencer and Irene Ellis Memorial Scholarship
   James Lattimore Family Scholarship
   Weldon Adams Memorial Scholarship
   Bob Veretto Memorial Scholarship
   James and Mildred Montgomery Scholarship
   Eddie and Donna Cook Paxton Memorial Scholarship
   Etta Charlene Blume Memorial Scholarship

Chemistry (Major Code - 1905)
   Bob Beck Scholarship
   J.B. Balch Memorial Scholarship in Science
   Jesse Yeh Memorial Scholarship
   Edward King Memorial Scholarship
   Hill Family Scholarship

Child Development (Major Code - 5222)
   Anne Deardorf Memorial Scholarship

Commercial Music (Major Code - 8448)
   Requires Audition. Contact Creative Arts Department
   Tom T. and Dixie Hall Scholarship
   Malcolm Merriman Memorial Scholarship
   Tiny Moore Memorial Scholarship
   Panhandle Bluegrass and Old Tyme Music Assn. Scholarship
   Nathan Tubb Country Music Scholarship
   Western Swing Society Scholarship
   Marvin and Mildred Baker Scholarship
   Mayfield Brothers Bluegrass Scholarship
   Buster Payne Memorial Scholarship
   Redd and Darlene Stewart Memorial Scholarship
   Landon Velasquez Memorial Music Scholarship
   Joe Carr and Alan Munde Commercial Music Scholarship
   The Partridge Family Scholarship
   Max Evans Scholarship
   Daniel Green Memorial Scholarship
   Bill and Joyce Taylor Music Scholarship
   Bethany Loper Memorial Scholarship

Computer Information Systems (Major Code - 6021)
   James P. Courtney Memorial Scholarship
   Derl A. DeArmond Memorial Scholarship
   Gene and Geneva Parkinson Scholarship
   Paula Bell Scholarship
   South Plains Chapter-API Scholarship

Design Communication (Major Code - 6224)
   Christine DeVitt Memorial Scholarship
   Helen Grappe Graf Memorial Scholarship

Diesel Service Technology (Major Code - 6423)
   South Plains Chapter-API Scholarship

Education (Major Code - 0802)
   Virginia Nelson Memorial Scholarship    
   Helen DeVitt Jones Scholarship
   Delta Kappa Gamma Future Teachers Scholarship
   Leona Lincoln Goyette Education Scholarship
   J.B. Balch Memorial Teaching Scholarship
   Lynn C. Ivy Memorial Scholarship
   Freda Tubb Memorial Scholarship
   Wade and Gaylia Taylor Memorial Scholarship
   Cindy Caswell Blessen Memorial Scholarship
   Norma and Larry Boggs Memorial Scholarship
   Donna Cook Paxton Memorial and Larry Cook Honorary Scholarship

English (Major Code - 1501)
   O.R. and Frances Watkins Memorial Scholarship
   Lena Roettig Memorial English Award
   Mary Jane Frescaz Memorial Scholarship

Foreign Language (Major Code - 1101)
   Irma Bollinger and Sherry Barsch Foreign Language Scholarship
   Valerie Job South Plains Foreign Language Collaborative Scholarship

Government (Major Code - 2207)
   David and Stephanie Stanley Scholarship

Heating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology (Major Code - 7221)
   Kenneth Neagle Memorial Scholarship
   SPC Heating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Scholarship

History (Major Code - 2205)
   Z.O. Lincoln History Scholarship
   1926 Study Club Scholarship

Industrial Manufacturing/Emerging Technologies (Major Code - 6991)
   South Plains Chapter-API Scholarship

Law Enforcement Technology (Major Code - 7021)
   Davidson Family Scholarship
   Donald Caddell Memorial Scholarship
   George and Carole Lawless Honorary Scholarship
   Randy Fesperman Memorial Scholarship

Mathematics (Major Code - 1701)
   Wilburn and Helen Wheeler Memorial Scholarship
   Robert and Joy Pearce Scholarship
   Richard James Scholarship
   Ramesh Krishnan Scholarship

Music Education/Performance (Major Code - 1005)
   Requires Audition. Contact Fine Arts Department.
   Fred and Bettye Harris Fine Arts Scholarship
   Helen DeVitt Jones Scholarship
   Cindy Caswell Blessen Memorial Scholarship
   Wilburn and Helen Wheeler Band Scholarship
   Harley and Anne Bulls Fine Arts Scholarship

Office Administration  (Major Codes - 5824, 5825, 5826)
   Burk Burnett Roberts Family Scholarship
   Bette Pitts Scholarship in Office Technology

Physical Education/Athletics (Major Code - 0835)
   E. Wade and Lori Oswalt Wilson Scholarship
   Judy Bryant Scholarship
   Dennis Patton Memorial Athletic Scholarship
   W.A. Wise Memorial Athletic Scholarship
   Larry Roberts Physical Education Scholarship

Physical Therapist Assistant (Major Code - 5108)
   Ray and Donna West Scholarship

Pre-Engineering (Major Code - 0901)
   API-Paul Musslewhite Scholarship
   Coleman Williams South Plains Chapter-API Scholarship
   Martha Lincoln Harris Pre-Engineering Scholarship
   Frederick D. Nelson Memorial Scholarship
   Charles and Jean Miller Scholarship
   Shell Foundation Scholarship
   Ray and Donna West Scholarship
   Arthur and Lula Quest Memorial Scholarship
   Melvin and Agnes Straube Scholarship
   Ramesh Krishnan Scholarship

Pre-Medicine (Major Code - 1206)
   George and Butch Price Scholarship
   M. B. Conatser Memorial Scholarship
   Jose, B. J. and Hilda Cuesta Memorial Scholarship
   Hill Family Scholarship

Pre-Pharmacy (Major Code - 1211)
   Tom Upshaw Memorial Scholarship
   Neal and Carolyn Ellis Scholarship
   Hill Family Scholarship

Psychology (Major Code - 2001)
   Jose, B.J. and Hilda Cuesta Memorial Scholarship

Radio, Television and Film (Major Code - 0603)
   Christine DeVitt Memorial Scholarship
   Dub Rogers Memorial Scholarship

Respiratory Care  (Major Code - 8025)
   Cindy Garcia Memorial Scholarship

Sociology (Major Code - 2208)
   Gary Wynn Memorial Scholarship

Sound Technology (Major Code - 8434)
   Richie McDonald Scholarship
   Christine DeVitt Memorial Scholarship
   Live Sound Reinforcement Program Scholarship

Speech Communication (Major Code - 1506)
   Helen Starr Roberts Scholarship

Technical Graphics and Design Technology
(Major Code - 8622)
   South Plains Chapter-API Scholarship

Theatre Arts (Major Code - 1507)
   Monty Roberts Memorial Scholarship
   Iris Upshaw Memorial Scholarship
   Daniel K. and Susan Nazworth Scholarship
   Linda Kay Hines Memorial Scholarship
   Eleanor Lincoln Dryden Theatre Scholarship

Video Production Technology (Major Code - 8445)
   Christine DeVitt Memorial Scholarship

Vocational Nursing (Major Code - 7821)
   George Evelyn Roberts Memorial Scholarship
   SPC Nursing Scholarship
   Ray and Donna West Nursing Opportunity Scholarship
   Winnie Harrison Memorial Scholarship
   Dan and Carolyn Hooks Scholarship

Welding Technology (Major Code - 6245)
   South Plains Chapter-API Scholarship
   H. D. Gregory Memorial Scholarship
   Rube Morris Memorial Scholarship
   J. Murrell Brown Memorial Scholarship
   Pete Stracener Instructor’s Scholarship
   Max Neal Memorial Scholarship
   Welding Technology Program Scholarship
   Mike and Janna Worley Scholarship